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Comb Sweet Comb Farm 



2021 Packaged Bee and Local Queen Sales

2021 Packaged Honey Bees $255 

We have a limited number of Kintail New Zealand packages for sale NOW 

for delivery March 19, 2021  

Each package contains:

  1 Kg of bees and 1 young laying queen. 

The cost is $255 (no tax).  

These packages have been really fantastic o​ver the last 7 years with strong queens and healthy, hardy workers.  They get here and are ready to get foraging right away.  Our farm has had excellent honey production from our NZ packages and they don't fall victim to chalkbrood.  I will be updating delivery details here as we have them.  To purchase packages please call 604-341-8929 or email [email protected]

Our own Local Queens

This season we will be selling a​ very limited number of queens so we can focus on replenishing  genetics and testing queens for Varroa Sensitive Hygiene.

**It is your responsibility as a beekeeper and the new owner of these Honey bees to make sure that your queen is alive upon receipt and within a week, laying eggs. If there is a problem with your queen at anytime within the first 7 days I need to know about it immediately please.